Outing Set-Up Guide

It can be a little intimidating starting up a golf outing for the first time. Below are some helpful hints that may be of assistance to you. Please contact Locust Hills if you have any questions.

  1. Contact Locust Hills to set-up a date
    1. If your outing is scheduled for a Tuesday you will receive a prize fund contribution
    2. There is also a Friday afternoon business special available
  2. Fill out an outing contract and specify which meal you would like
    1. Our #3 Pork and Chicken combination is the most popular
    2. Download 2016 Outing Contract
  3. Determine what you will charge for the outing
    1. Most outings charge between $50 and $60 per player
  4. Recruit an outing committee and delegate the following jobs:
    1. Door prizes
    2. Tee Sponsorships
    3. Beverage Station
    4. Outing Registration
  5. Make a registration flyer to promote your outing
    1. Locust Hills offers a complimentary online outing registration page that will help assist in promoting your event. Download Golf Outing Pro instruction sheet
    2. Make sure players register so you know who to expect for your outing
  6. Beverage Station
    1. Locust Hills is in a dry township so we are unable to sell you alcohol
    2. You are allowed to bring your own Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic beverages
    3. You are allowed to have 2 beverage stations on the course
    4. All beverage carts must remain stationary
  7. We do not recommend Hole-In-One Insurance as it can be a little expensive
    1. Invest your money instead into door prizes or gift packs
    2. LHGC offers a $3 tee package
  8. As players starts to register please call the golf course with updates on how many golfers your are expecting
  9. Two days prior to your event please send a pairings list to golf@locusthills.com
    1. Click here for pairings list