Golf Instruction Lessons

Golf Instruction from PGA Professional Andrew Kitchen

Andrew’s Teaching Philosophy

I believe it is critical to develop a strategy in your golf game that helps you shoot lower scores. My lessons are built around trying to develop a winning strategy which will allow you to improve. I do this by not using a cookie cutter approach, but rather by being flexible with each individual’s unique swing. The best strategy in golf is to perfect your own swing instead of searching for the perfect swing. I feel there are five critical aspects of the swing: grip/set-up, weight transfer, club face position, swing plane, and posture. During any given lesson, I try to focus on one of these areas in order to develop a winning strategy. Finally, the most important thing is to have fun and keep it simple!

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Private Instruction
45 Minute Lesson- $45
Series of 3 (45 Min.)- $120

Junior Instruction (18 & Under)
45 Minute Lesson- $35
Series of 3 (45 Min.)- $90

Group Lesson (2-4 People)
1 Hour- $80
2 Hours- $125

9-Hole Playing Lesson